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As a peace practitioner working in the troubled region of Kashmir, I was searching for a way to help people transcend their politicized and polarized identities to discover their real self. Lavlesh Bhanot’s approach and work on the self, enabling the young people to arrive at a state of consciousness where they begin to question their thought process, notions, core beliefs and dogmas is significant. It is remarkable in the way he is able to dismantle constructed idea of the self, to help the young people to discover their own brilliance and excellence. The possibility of bringing a paradigm shift in the mind set and the ability to think out of the box is what makes Lavlesh’s work unique. His work is relevant and crucial in not only in broken and violent societies but has the greatest potential to be applied universally. In a world which is witnessing chaos, conflict and disharmony at various levels, Lavlesh’s work is transformative bringing a nascent shift in the way one perceives and relates to the world, relationships and one’s own self

Ashima Kaul
Independent Peace Practitioner & Journalist
Managing Director
Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network

Lavlesh is living a “Vedantic” life in a great sense. Whatever he does connects back to the Vedanta philosophy. Be it connecting/looking at the nature, working with people, understanding relationships, understanding the training needs etc. I believe this has got a lot to do with the kind of schooling and thoughts (from his family) that he has inculcated over the years. I have had the privilege to see some of his work related to education and consciousness learning. Basis this I had requested him to come to our Organization and spend some time with our employees in Gurgaon and Jaipur Centre at various levels (from associates to Senior Managers). He was able to connect with the people at a very different level and has left a great impression. The leaders that he connected have given a great feedback on his thoughts and the way of connecting with people.

I firmly believe that we truly need to reach out to all people in our society and provide the simple view on “Vedanta” and the positive change it will bring in our outlook and system.
Kapil Sharma
Delivery Head – Business Platform Operations, Infosys

I got introduced to Lavlesh 5 years ago. It started as sessions to learn and understand the deeper meaning and importance of Integral Education, however soon a group of us were seeking answers to more questions. Questions and predicaments that we face in all spheres of our lives, be it at work or our personal space. Slowly and surely, not just me but the entire group was now looking forward to the weekly group discussions, mediation and concentration, physical exercise, games! He made us do it all.

Frankly speaking, Lavlesh soon became my sounding board. When I was going through personal emotional and physical issues, he was just a call away. To live in the now, to just be…is always easier said than done. However, I have to admit, with Zazen practice sessions facilitated by Lavlesh, it was much easier. In fact, that is one thing that I still practice.

I still have questions. About life. And when a question crops up…I simply dial Lavlesh….:-)
C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar
Group Head
Radio Mirchi, Entertainment Network India Limited

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